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My son is 18 months old. The last 3 pediatrics visit his head circumference has been the same with no change. Nothing has been explained other than they want to keep an eye on him and to come back in a month to measure again. He is a "normal" little boy, active, talking and developing fine motor skills. What are some of the concerns with no head circumference growth?? And is there anything I need to be specifically looking for that my pediatrician should know, any warning signs (if any) that something is NOT right or normal in his growth ?

Any information would be greatly appreciated,
Thank You for your time,

Hi, Adrienne,

There is nothing that can be done with a small head at this age.  Often the head size at 18 months approximates the adult head, especially if people in the family have smaller than average heads.  If his growth is fine and he is doing well, just have him seen for his two year visit.  A lot of us stop measuring head size in kids above 2 anyway.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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