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Pediatrics/Would like to know your opinion about Intracranial pressure


Hello Dr. Olson

I did address a question to you once in the past and your advice was so very helpful. Now I have a different question I hope you could help me with))

We have a 9 month old son who hasn't been sleeping during the day or night tht well since birth. At night he wakes up about every 20-50 minutes. Closer to the morning the interval gets smaller up to every 5-10 minutes. You can only imagine how I feel!!! I always thought its a mixture of his temperament and a habit but The doctors here (we live in Russia) say we need to gt ultrasound done on his head to eliminate an elevated intracranial pressure. My son is pretty happy during he day. He eats wells, he plays, he interacts, and almost walking. His head circumference is normal, no bulging anywhere. I tried to read about it online and see that it is an emergency condition.  I say that to docs here but they tell me that it could be of different levels. My husband thinks its absurd! But I am so broken and sleep deprived that I started to think if there is any value in their concern. please help to clear my worry!!! Is it true??


It is hard for me to think this situation involves high intracranial pressure, for he is growing well and is developing well and has a normal head circumference.  That doesn't make sense to me, but the test is benign and if his anterior fontanelle is still open, it wouldn't be terrible to do it. It is safe, but I think a waste of time and money.

This is almost certainly a behavioral issue, as the vast majority of sleep problems in this age are.  Make sure to do the last waking memory thing, where what he remembers before sleep is his crib, and not you.  He can't fall asleep in your arms or with you present in his room and expect him to sleep well.  To me seeing a good pediatric sleep/behavioral expert would be the best option.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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