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Pediatrics/Swollen belly in my three year old.


So, in the past three weeks my so has experienced sever vomiting, I am talking three times per day, diarrhea almost two to three times a week.  We have had x rays done, they revealed nothing, a stoll specimen was done, it revealed nothing, blood test were done, white cell count is okay and red count, electrolytes were fine, mainly due to my persistence on not letting him get dehydrated.  His pediatrician did say he had strep throat a week ago, he is on antibiotics for the strep.  My question is, what could be making his belly look so swollen and his energy level is depleted.  He stays tired most of the day with brief periods when he moves around.  I did give him pedialyte for a while.  Does this create gas and make the belly swell.  He does have an appetite, but I have been sticking to bland foods.  As I do not want whatever is going on to get worse.  I forgot to mention in his discharge papers form the ER, they indicated gastroenteritis as the medical condition.  Is this inflammation of the stomach and do I need to be concerned if this persists.  All the test have been done and nothing is the answer.  Can ongoing inflammation cause. Damage to the intestines?  Is this gas?

Hi, Felicia,

Did he have a strep culture that proved he needed antibiotics?  If the culture/screen was positive then he does.  If not, he doesn't.  I would suggest keeping him hydrated as you are and consider adding a probiotic like Culturelle to help restore his normal intestinal flora which may be effected by a virus and/or the antibiotics.  If this is a gastroenteritis, it will not hurt him in any permanent way.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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