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QUESTION: Sir my son is now 27 days.when he was 10 days juindice occour and total bilirubin was 18.10mg/dl.  P.C.V 60.9%. Himoglobin 19.9gm/dl and TFT  test results are  
T3-1.08ng/dl (normal-.95-2.5ng/dl)
T4-10.20ug/dl(5.6--14.9ug/dl) ;
TSH-9.93uIU/ml(.70--6.4uIU/ml.)   according to doc. after phototherapy all became normal except tsh which is given
T3-.92 ng/dl (normal-.60-1.08ng/dl)
T4-8.37ug/dl(4.5--10.9ug/dl) ;
TSH-9.64 uIU/ml(.35--5.5 uIU/ml.)
.sir,is it thiroid problem and required treatment.sir I am very much worried.pls pls pls  reply me sir. .what is the normal range of tsh of 27 days baby.add reports bellow.

ANSWER: Hi, chinmay,

The TSH is slightly high and the T3 is on the low side of normal.  I am not sure what the normal range is for TSH at this age, but is probably close to adult ranges.  The T4 is normal.  It might be useful to repeat these in a month and also get a free and total T3.  If these are abnormal, I would refer to my nearest pediatric endocrinologist for further testing and interpretation of these labs.  The active hormone levels are normal and this doesn't require immediate action.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: Sir,I again repeat the only TSH (except T4 & T3)test at 17days of my baby from RLS DIAGONASTIC but it is 3.8 Where normal<10,10-20 borderline,>20 it required to test t3&t4?that's not enough that he has no any Thy Prob?whats U R opinion about it?why at first result was high?is the test laboratory produce wrong result two times?is it possible?

ANSWER: Hi, chinmay,

I don't understand your question.  Where in your lab results is a TSH listed at 3.8?  You list two TSH, 9.93 and 9.64, both a bit high.  I don't understand "that's no enough that he has no any Thy Prob?"  I don't know what you mean.  Both tests are slightly high and it would be highly unusual for both tests to be lab errors.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: Sir, I again tested (only tsh not T3&t4) when he was 17 days(from another RLS diagonastic which is better than before).(tsh-9.93 when he was10 days & 9.64 when he was 12days but this test which result 3.8 was made when he was 17days by my own interest) In this report TSH is 3.8 Where normal<10, borderline 10-20,High> it required to test t3&t4 with tsh?on base of this result it can not predict that he has not required any medicaton  ? what's U R opinion about it?why the first result was high & why the 3rd result fall in the normal range?is the test laboratory produce wrong result two times?in this circumtancess I inform U that first two test were from local diagonastic centre but the last result from  Rainboxy which is known as RLS DIAGONASTIC,kolkata


TSH is sometimes abnormal in the first few weeks of life, even in babies with ultimately normal thyroid function.  Your child has a normal TSH, normal active hormones and is fine.  I have no idea what are good labs in your country.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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