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My 2 yr old was running down our driveway (very steep) and fell face first. The area that took the full force of the impact was the middle of her forehead. She has an abrasion and after 30 min of ice a half dollar size swollen, pink area (with the scrapes) is present. After her initial crying, she has behaved normally but with such a solid smack to her head I want to be sure that I am doing all that I am supposed to do... Or if she needs to be seen.

I do plan on checking on her every few hours through the night. (I am probably overly paranoid b. I had a concussion with loss of consciousness for several hours when I was 5- beginning pediatric migraines and weekly migraines as an adult.)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you again

Hi, Sunni,

And you also have a great weekend!

The front of the face is very vascular tissue that is tightly bound to the underlying bone.  A bump can assume a remarkably large size due to bleeding under the tissues.  The front of the skull is also very thick and difficult to break.  

With her crying immediately, she should be fine.  The "goose-egg" on the forehead can be treated with a cold compress, is she will let you, or just be watched if the compress is torture for her.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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