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My 5 year old daughter started having brown/green vaginal discharge late February. It eventually went to bleeding with brown discharge in between bleeding. The bleeding was medium heavy for a 5 year old, she was filling them every couple hours. She also had a very foul smell at this time. We have been to a her regular pediatric doctor who prescribed cephelexion (sp?) for 10 days. No improvement. We had a exam done, prescribed nystain and pin worm test-negative. We then saw a regular ob-gyn who did a vaginal exam, tried anyways it was quite traumatic for my daughter. All cultures and blood work for thyroid came back normal. Ultrasound came back normal. Final diagnosis for this clinic was vulvo vaginitis and prescribed flagyl which did not do anything. We are currently seeing a pediatric gynecologist who ordered the same blood work and cultures all which came back normal. She had no bleeding when the culture was done but had black discharge. We are scheduled for a vaginal exam and scope which she will get put to sleep during this. They did a quick flush but I knew that foreign objects are not the cause. Currently, she is not bleeding nor having discharge for about 5 days. Nothing was done, nothing was prescribed and it stopped. I'm at a loss, her doctors are at a loss. Just hoping for an insight to what could possibly cause this! I do know you obviously cant give a accurate diagnosis without seeing a patient.

Hi, Kylee,

If it stopped and nothing was done and she is due to another invasive procedure, especially under general anesthesia, I would do nothing, cancel the appointment and watch.  I don't know what caused this, but if all of a sudden it is gone, I would just follow things.  Always can do this stuff later if needed.  It does sound like a foreign body and maybe it just spontaneously passed, even if it wasn't flushed out.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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