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My 8 yr old son has been vomiting, that he said tasted like dirt and is grey in color, on and off with severe to mild abdominal pain going on 5 days. He has had no fever or diarrhea with it and stomach pain decreases after an emesis. I took him to the urgent care and they did an xray that showed his bowels were slightly backed up but no obstruction. His urine was cloudy with ph 8.5 and ketones 15, but no leukocytes or RBCS. they said he was dehydrated and has viral gastritis. They prescribed Zofran and polyethylene glycol which I did not realize is miralax until we filled it. I am worried that if he is dehydrated giving him miralax will worsen it. I tried to call back and they said to give what he was prescribed... I am just not sure I should. Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you very much!

Hi, Jessica,

If he really has a stomach virus, then his stools will be plenty loose and unless you tell me he has a really definitive case of constipation when he is well, I would avoid the PEG until you see what resolves with this illness.  The Zofran is often very helpful in this situation, although I personally feel it doesn't have to be prescribed in every case of gastroenteritis, like some UC and ER places do.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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