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Dear Doctor Olson,

My daughter is 6 months and 3 weeks old and yet her posterior fontanelle is not yet closed and her anterior fontanelle is quite extended down to the top her forehead. lately i've noticed that there are veins from her ear up to her skull that are visible. When i touched it, it trace the sutures of her skull. Other than that, my baby is healthy and is reaching the developmental milestones at her age, but still it worries me.

Thank you for any advice and assurance.

Hi, Grace,

You are throwing around a lot of medical terms.  Are you a medical professional?

Anyway, some kids just have really large fontanelles at birth.  They close therefore slowly.  As long as her head circumference is normal and she is developing fine, things should be OK.  Sometimes we see babies with thyroid abnormalities, low thyroid especially, with this, however if that is the case, she shouldn't be developing normally.  I assume thyroid function, as it is in the USA, was checked at birth.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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