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I was wondering if you could maybe give me advice, or maybe even some insight on this.
My name is Sara, and I am been very interested in becoming a Doctor, more specifically a Pediatrician. I am very very worried about going to college for pediatrician because I have royally messed up my High school years. I am now a senior, and  I have a 3.6 now, but I have failed my freshmen year, and did poorly my sophomore year.
So to get to the point here, I was thinking of going to a community college for 2-4 years, because i have already made peace with the fact that I will not be getting a scholarship from a university unfortunately.
(Is it possible to get into a university after doing well in a community college ? )
I was planning to go for calculus, chemistry, basically things that will possibly aid in my medical courses.
Also, what are my chances, considering I have messed up my high school years,of getting into med school? Is there anything I can do to help my chances of getting into med school ? Can I get into a university if I do really well in community college ? Is it very difficult to become a pediatrician ? What happens if you don't pass something like the USMILE, or the MCAP I believe it is called. Can you take it again ? If you don't get into med school the first time can you try again ?

Hi, Sara,

I am far away from the current struggles to get into med school and become a doctor.  Scores on standard tests, like it or not, are important.  I think everyone would look favorably on someone who improves substantially over time, indicating character and the willingness to do better.  How about looking at the the opportunities, and they will be rapidly increasing, of a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner?  You can always take tests again and always apply again.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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