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My 30 month old daughter was taken to an emergency department about a month and a half ago with chronic abdominal pain recurring in waves bad enough for her to scream, blood and mucous in her stools, diarrhea the week before and no constipation. After an examination from the doctor we were sent home with no explanation. Then i got a referal to a paediatrician about a month ago when the symptoms would not subside. She increased bowel motions and had pain at least once a day. He sent a stool sample away for colitis and campylobacter. But what worries me is that the bowel motions have become more regular since then with blood and pain every motion if not every second motion. There is about 1/2 a tspoon to 1 teaspoon of blood in and around the stool, and it is a red to dark red colour. Can you please help me?

Hi, Samantha,

If the BM is soft and there is blood and pain consistently, the evaluation needs to proceed farther.  I suspect the stool has been sent for a number of bacterial pathogens.  If this is negative, then a full panel of blood work looking for low protein, anemia, inflammation, etc needs to be done.  If this is all negative and the blood persists, she needs to be seen by a pediatric gastroenterologist, to evaluate the entire picture and possible do a scope procedure.

Please ask your pediatrician about all this.  This is pretty standard stuff for this clinical scenario.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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