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Pediatrics/chronic diarrhea in 10 month baby


QUESTION: Hello dr

I have 10 month baby she is having diarrhoea   from last 3-4 month .

First she got diarrhoea  at 4 month but recovered from that by the course of antibiotics .

At 6 month she again got diarrhoea episode  and doctor prescribe here again antibiotics. From this episode she could not recover fully she continue to pass 4-6 stool   . From this each month she having diarrheal episode  when her frequency increases to 10-12 time . and when recover she passes 4-5 stool .  Her stool test comes  normal except some test when she got some pus cell . Also she got positive for reducing substance. Doctor asked stopped dairy product , hence we stooped . however we continue to breast feeding.

This time when she got  diarreha  episode We have shown  to paediatrics gastro , who asked to check three consecutive stool for routine test and rota virus antigen . These tests  comes normal.

However she continuly passing stool almost10-20 stool per day some time watery some time undigested  food . Mostly after each feed she is passing stool which is undigested.

We are feeding he rice , banana , zeolac powder and breastfeeding in night only.

This time doctor did not suggest for antibitics as her routine test is normal.

This time paediatrics gastro suggest to do stomac x ray , that we are planning today.

Her weigth at birth was 2.8 kg and its 7.2 kgs at 6 month and now 8.7 kgs .

We are very much worried about her health . can you lets us know what can cause  such persistence diarrhoea   is any other test you recommended  for her.

ANSWER: Hi Deepak,

Relax! There is nothing to panic. The fact that the tests have been normal AND the fact that she is gaining good weight shows that there is nothing serious about this diarrhea. Any "serious" diarrhea persisting for 4 months will affect would affect growth of the baby.

Your doctor seems to be right in not prescribing an antibiotic.

Many a times, an infant of this age NORMALLY passes stool frequently and no treatment is required. Often, this pattern is observed with "teething"...every time a new tooth erupts, baby basses loose stools for 4-5 days and then recovers (without any treatment) only to have it again when another tooth erupts.

However, "Cow milk protein allergy" (CMPI) is also a possibility. The tests for this are not reliable. The diagnosis is usually based on detailed history. Please discuss about this possibility with your pediatric gastroentologist.

Best wishes,
Dr. Puneet Kumar,
Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,
New Delhi, India


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks very much for your detailed answer.
this time her dirreheha getting too much in last three-4 days she lost 300 gms as she passing very frequent watery stool but when  yesterday we have show in emergency doctor told she is not dehyradted hnce jsut keep giving her ORS .
We have done ultrasound also that shows normal except few 10-12 mm lymphnodes which doctors say that may be  due to pervious infection .

we will show to her to doctor today but we are very worried about her helth . What formula can we give . We are currently breastfeeding and giving some homemade solid food. Can you suggest some other testing to rule out any other problems .

Hi Deepak,

There is nothing to panic. Such weight loss during loose motions is temporary and baby gains weight in a few days. That is why she is gaining weight overall in last 4 months.

No formula should be given. Breastfeeding is the best..and more so in diarrhea...and MUST be continued. Starting formula in place of breastfeeding will be an open invitation for more infections, more diarrhea and more trouble.

Remain in touch with your doctor and follow his/ her instructions diligently.

Best wishes,
Dr. Puneet Kumar,
Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,
New Delhi, India



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