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Pediatrics/Dig in poop diaper 3 year old, strong smelling orange pee


Hi dr Olson
Our 3 yr and 9 mo old dtr is not potty trained yet. She has started digging on her diaper after she poops if we don't catch it right away. She will usually come straight to us and tell us she has poop on her fingers. Today though she had just a tiny smear in her diaper and nothing on her hands but they smelled- that's how I found out she had a slightly soiled diaper. Any thoughts as to why she does this and what to do about it? Thank you so much
Also the last couple days have been fine- less strong odor and no color or yellow on diaper. But recently her pee has looked orange in the diaper and had a very strong smell.

Hi, Sheri,

Assuming she is healthy and developmentally normal, she has toilet training resistance.  She knows what to do, but doesn't want to.  If you have concern regarding her stool or urine, see your doctor.  It probably will be fine.

Here is a handout I use for my patients.  Hope it helps.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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