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Hi Doc,
I have a 4-year old son. Last June 5 in the evening, my son started to have high fever like 38.9 degrees Celsius. I gave paracetamol syrup and observed him. Every 4 hrs I gave him paracetamol, his fever is on & off. In the morning, he started to have hives in his face as he usually have if he's experiencing allergic reaction. So I gave him anti-histamine (Cetirizine) as earlier prescribed by his pediatrician whenever he has allergic reactions. Yesterday morning, he couldn't walk properly. He was complaining of pain on his lower limbs muscle, both limbs. So, I tried to massage it, he has no fever anymore. Yesterday, he slept very early like 18:00H. Then around 9pm, he woke up and he wanted to say goodnight to hi Grandmother and when he climb off the bed, he suddenly fell back to bed because he couldn't stand and he was crying out loud due to the pain on his lower limbs.
Please Doctor, tell me what's wrong with him.

Thank you very much.


Maria Sheryll M. Palma-Gil
Single Mom

Hi, Maria,

You mention this happened last June 5.  What has happened to him over the past year.  Did he get better?  Is he left with any deficits?  I would be happy to answer your question if there is more information.  Even if you mean "this June 5", or June 2013, I still need to know how he is doing right now, July 8.  

Thanks, Dr. Olson


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