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My 22 month old daughter has had lymph nodes swollen behind her ears for almost 1 full week with no other symptoms.  One ear has one a little larger than a marble and the other ear has two the size of a pea or a little larger.  She was wearing sunglasses that seemed to irritate the skin above the ear as it was red, but that went away.  She doesn't seem to have an ear infection, at least not one that she seems to be bothered by anyway.

Hi, Mandy,

Kids all the time, even healthy ones, develop benign reactive nodes, a response that a childs immune system directs against germs.  They may last a couple months. If she isn't sick, keep an eye on them.  If she is sick or they are getting progressively larger or new ones in other areas are present, see your doctor.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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