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Dear Dr Olson,

Thank you very much for volunteering on this site!
My twin (10 year old) grandkids get nosebleeds fairly often.    I understood they have a very “thin wall” in one of the vessels of the nose but that it could be cauterized and therefore, remedy the problem.
How do I know if the risk of a procedure like cauterizing a vessel is worth the possible gain?    How common it is for kids’ nose to bleed?    Do they grow out of it or is this something that may plaque them for life?    Any word of (general) advice on the subject?    

Thank you very much!    


Pablo Durissimo

Hi, Pablo,

Cautery is an accepted means of stopping nose bleeds that are frequent.  I like to have good humidity in the house, use nightly nasal neosporin for a couple weeks, be sure parents know the proper way to stop bleeds, and if this doesn't work, cautery is an option.  It can cause some problems, like erosion of the nasal septum, but most often works well.  It may simple get better with time as well.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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