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Dr Kumar,

Thank you very much for volunteering on this site!
My twin (10 year old) grandkids get nosebleeds fairly often.    I understood they have a very “thin wall” in one of the vessels of the nose but that it could be cauterized and therefore, remedy the problem.
How do I know if the risk of a procedure like cauterizing a vessel is worth the possible gain?    How common it is for kids’ nose to bleed?    Do they grow out of it or is this something that may plaque them for life?    Any word of (general) advice on the subject?    

Thank you very much!    


Pablo Durissimo

Hi Pablo,

Nosebleeds in children are fairly common. Common underlying factors are "vascular nasal mucosa" (i.e., high density of blood vessels in that area), crusting (due to dry, hot weather, less intake of liquids)and thin mucosa. In some cases, additional underlying nasal conditions, like deviated nasal septum, polyps, etc. further predispose to nosebleeds.

If the nose bleeds are very common (more than once a week), or always involves only one nostril (e.g., if the nosebleed is always from right nostril), you must consult an ENT specialist to rule out any underlying conditions and their appropriate treatment.

Cauterization helps in stopping bleeding from one vessel/ tiny area that is bleeding. Hence, it is useful as an emergency procedure to stop bleeding in occasional severe case where bleeding does not stop by conservative methods (pinching nose for > 20 minutes and ice pack application). It has hardly any role in "prevention" of frequent nose bleeds. It would be helpful in preventing recurrent nosebleeds only in rare cases where the bleeding is always from one "point" and thet "point" is cauterized. Only an ENT surgeon can tell after examining your child whether he falls in this category. In most cases, however, the bleeding is from different "points" everytime...and excessive cauterization is fraught with complications, including perforation of nasal septum, and is not recommended.

General advice on this to maintain good fluid intake, use of vaseline in nostrils to prevent crusting in hot weather, care of nails (It is nose-picking that initiates bleeding most of the time.

Best wishes,
Dr. Puneet Kumar,
Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,
New Delhi, India



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