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My son, one 4 year old has been having cough and cold since a week now. He is running through medications like Albutamol and Ambrolite-D. Although the symptoms seem pretty better, he started complaining of ear ache in his left ear.

The pain seems to be coming in bouts and some times he starts crying unable to bear the same.

There is no discharge and the canal seems to be clear when seen.

What do you suggest.


Hi, Siddhartha,

He probably has a middle ear infection as a result of the cold type of illness that started things.  You can't see this type of infection unless you have an otoscope.  I would use pain meds and keep an eye on things.  If it doesn't get better after a couple of days, see your doctor to see if an antibiotic is needed.  A lot of middle ear infections go away on their own without any specific treatment.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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