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I had bloodwork done on my child recently and his BUN was flagged at 19 (indicating a high value) as well as his BUN/Creatinine ratio (at 83).  His protein and globulin were low; his hemoglobin, hematocrit, MCV, and MCH were also low (at 8.6, 28.5, 62.3, and 18.7 respectively).  His platelets were elevated at 501 and his eosinophils were elevated at 1071. He is tall and skinny and a very picky eater.  He clearly is anemic so we have started iron supplements but now I am worried he has renal disease.  We are waiting on his allergy panel and celiac disease results.  The doctor mentioned possible eosinophilic gastritis as well.  I am overwhelmed and very concerned about his kidneys amongst other things.

Hi, Holly,

Blood studies need to be evaluated in the context they were drawn.  What was the reason for all this blood being done?  Was it due to him being slender?  Was it due to abdominal pain?

The BUN is slightly high, but is a poor marker for kidney function and as long as the creatinine was normal, was probably evidence of being a bit on the dry side.  He is anemic significantly and needs a trial of oral iron and a repeat Hb in three months.  

While it is true that peripheral (blood) eosinophilia can be associated with eosinophilic gastritis, other more common causes of this, such as allergy in general, would be more likely.  

Kidney are fine!

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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