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I am concerned because my one year old baby girl has these dark red marks on her right calf. She.was born with it. At first her pediatrician told me it was birth marks but then I became worried when i saw the marks disappear when she would go tp sleep. I went back to her doctor and told him this new information. He referred me a dermatologist, he told me that it was Cutis Maramota (I think i spelled it right) but I am not convinced because she does not get these marks only when she is cold. She gets it when she is active and they go away when she sleeps. They become more red when i carry her on my hip. They are flat and it doesn't seem like it bothers her. When I'm changing her and I lift her legs the marks become lighter. I am really concerned that it might be a blood circulation problem. So far it's only on that right leg/calf. She was a full term baby, i was in labor for 37 hours. I had her via c-section.I don't if this matters but just in case. Her pediatrician does not seem concern but I am because I've never seen this. I have written my concern on baby boards and no one seems to know what this could be.

Hi, Janeth,

These sound like some sort of vascular mark, like a capillary hemangioma or something in the category of cutis marmaratus.  I'm not sure I spelled it right either.  Either category of mark would be benign and most likely over time would go away.  If a dermatologist who is skilled at pediatric problems says it is this, then it is pretty hard for me to say otherwise.  

Sounds benign to me.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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