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my daughter just turned 2 months on July nth, even though shes not my first child I keep catching myself panicking over anything she does, she recently had thrush, but she finished the nystatin 3 days ago, and I'm just wondering if the thrush or the nystatin could be making her feel the way she does. shes been having an extremely hard time with her bowel movements (there practically are none# for the last 2 days. shes drinking her bottles like shes being starved but shes doing that all day for the last few days also. when we took her in for the thrush, the doctor had told me if her soft spot was flat or sunken in, shes dehydrated, well even with all the bottles shes been drinking her soft spot is sunken in deep. shes normally a pretty happy baby but the last few days have been fussy fussy. sort of like an overwhelmed or anxious fussy. shes also been having a hard time breathing through her nose, she snorts when she tries #and the suction bulb has shown no results), and her voice always sounds like shes drowning almost..she seems like a healthy baby by first impression, shes developing perfect, and growing fast, I'm just in need of some reassurance if there is any, because I'm panicking and I don't even know if any of it is worth panicking over.

Hi, Billie,

I don't find much in your description to be worried about.  It sounds like she is well hydrated, especially if you are giving her all that she wants.  A sunken fontenelle is a very late sign of dehydration and other signs would be much more visible.  It sounds like she might have a cold, with the stuffy nose and the snorting sounds.  You might like to try some non-medicated infant saline drops, a couple in each nostril before the feeds, to help her breath better.  Keep in good touch with your pediatrician.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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