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I drink one or two diet sodas a day. I have a 4 year old and a one year old (which I still nurse)
I am getting a bit worried since with time my 4 year old has started to ask for soda every meal. She was great drinking water, occasional juice, and ok drinking milk. The soda was at the beginning a sip from mine, but now she wants a glass with soda for herself in each meal.
Is it better to give her regular soda? My plan is to avoid it, even I am going to go back to iced tea for myself at home. But if she wants some, is it better regular soda? I don't like the fact that the coke has caffeine either. But what concerns me the most is the artificial sweeteners on diet. What do you suggest? And thanks in advance

Hi, Marisa,

I personally and after some educated thought, have no concern about the use of artificial sweeteners in soda, or "pop" as we say in the Midwest.  My suggestion is that people do what they want with this.  I can't find compelling information that is valid one way or the other.  

However, I always recommend water and breast milk/milk/formula as the best fluids for infants and children.  I would just stop the soda thing with your kids and explain, that like alcohol if you partake in this, that some beverages are for kids and others for adults.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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