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Hello, my granddaughter 15 years old, bi-racial, 5'6" 120 pounds has been staying with us for three weeks ago. She has been complaining about her wisdom teeth been painful as they are coming through. Tuesday she complained of chills, and she showed a temp of 100.4. We gave her Tylenol. She fell asleep on the couch. I checked periodically she started breathing deep and fast as if she was hyperventilating. I tried talking with her there was no response. She began to shake and would not speak at all. She was not able to move like she lost control of her muscles. I tried opening her eye lid as I did her pupils contracted and her eyes went down to the center. Her fever spiked to 102.2. A trip to the Er found nothing and Doc acted baffled. All signs were normal and urine send blood work were normal. Doc said may be a viral problem and connected to her wisdom teeth.
Last night it happened again only this time I coaxed her through it. Her heart was not racing,but her fever did spike again to 101. After she came out of it I gave her more Tylenol and she was done the rest of the night. When she came out of it I asked her what she remembered nothing except hearing my voice. Is it possible the fevers are creating some sort of epileptic seizures. They love in the St. Johns Fl. Area. If you can't help can you recommend someone in that area that is worthy of a visit. Side note she is highly allergic to Oak and is being treated for it.
I really do appreciate your time, thank you.

Hi, Mark,

This sounds like a viral illness and possibly a condition called aseptic meningitis, a viral caused infection of the central nervous system.  This sounds bad but is usually self-limited.  It would be unusual, but not impossible, for a seizure to develop with a fever at this age.  

I would follow things carefully and use Motrin for the fever.  If she gets increasingly persistently goofy, then she should see her doctor.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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