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My granddaughter is 4 years old and has a girl friend that is 4 as well. my daughter and granddaughter spent the weekend at her friends place and they happened to walk into the bedroom and found both of them naked in the bed. when my daughter what they were doing they told her the one was a prince and the other one was the princess and that the are suppose to kiss. this has been very disturbing for my daughter, but she tried not to over react and did not make them feel bad about what had happened. She is very concerned that the little friend told my granddaughter not to tell my daughter what they had done.
What do we do and how do we handle this situation? I'm concerned that she told my granddaughter not to say anything, just worried that something had been done to the little friend!

Very worried, I did tell my daughter not to make to much of a fuss. would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice.

Thank you

Very difficult.
I assume that your daughter must know this other child and her family quite well. It may be worth her speaking to the other girl's mother. I assume she has no other concerns but obviously that does not exclude a problem. Need to just keep an open mind.


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