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Hello Doc,

i am a guy living in India .i have a 7 month old daughter.since her birth,she catches cold easily like one every month.she is covered with all the vaccinations up to now except this pneumococcal pediatrics doc doesn't advice this vaccination ,he says that otherwise healthy kids don't need this .only immunocompromised kids need it.healthy kids have very little chance of invasive disease but a second doc is in favour of this vaccine.i am now utterly confused.does this vaccine literally prevents pneumonia in kids.what does the study says ??.should we immunize healthy kids with this vaccine or this is just a pharmaceutical stunt for big bucks.what is best : to go with pcv 13 prevnar now or ppsv23 at 2 years of age.kindly help me get rid of my doubts .thanks a lot doc for listening me out.

Hi, Ashish,

I am a guy living in northern Michigan!

Your doctor is wrong.  This is an ideal vaccination for normal healthy kids, who get the vast majority of potentially fatal pneumococcal infections.  It substantially reduces, but not eliminates the possibility of invasive infection.  No vaccination is 100% effective.  Sure, drug companies make loads of money, but the effectiveness of this vaccination is substantial and has saved many thousands of lives world-wide for an organism that is ubiquitous is all cultures.

I would recommend the PCV13 series and we generally reserve the PCV23 for those with disorders that increase their chances later in life for invasive disease.  Frequent colds would not be such a disorder.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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