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my son is now 4 y/o. my son was 4 wks early, 5 days in nicu, poor feeding r/o sepsis, on amp and vanco. had multiple admissions first 1 1/2 yrs for pneumonia, rsv, mostly respiratory. delayed in all milestones. in pt/ot/feeding/speech therapy since 17 months old, doing much better and caught up. fell off growth chart at 6 months old. poor feeding since birth, was breast fed til 18 months old, finally took bottle at 12 month, had to start on elecare for dairy allergy. multiple gi symtpoms, bloating, loose stools, very pale green and they float. he goes weeks to months without eating food and just taking formula still. severe reflux, severe right sided bronchomalasia.  he has sensory processing d/o. has reflex anoxic seizures. every test we have had has come back normal, hes not growing, he is 4 y/o 26 pounds and 35 1/2 inches, been in the same size shoe for 3 yrs now. so we were referred to endo, d/t increase in urination and low specific gravity, endo concerned with height/weight, did numerous labs, is going for a growth hormone stim test and bone age, my question is the bone as says in lags chronological age by 5 to 11 months what does that mean is that ok or not?

Hi, kristi,

This forum is not the greatest to help with problems this complicated. Please ask your endocrinologist to explain this delay, especially as it pertains to your unfortunate son's global medical problems.

Sorry I can't be of more help to you, Dr. Olson


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