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My son is two and a half years old and for the past week and a half he has gone from completely fine one moment to squatting and holding his lower belly and crying or screaming. He has never squatted before (except to look at something). He has always had soft stools, but the last few days they got wetter and wetter until it was pretty much just light colored liquid. He threw up a little the night before last. He had no fever. He barely picks at his food the last few days. I took him to his doctor who felt his stomach and said it seemed soft enough and and that he looked healthy enough to her.

He didn't through up last night but this morning he is still barely picking at food, still squat screaming, and still not having solid movements. Though I admit that might be because he isn't eating much. But at this point he hasn't even had liquidy movement in over 30 hours.

What could this be? Should I be taking him to the E.R.? Looking for a specialist? I wouldn't be as concerned but his dads older brother has Chrones and I don't know enough about that to know if he could have it too.

Hi, fellow Michigander! The Traverse City sun is shining brightly today.

This is lasting a bit longer than the conventional viral syndrome that we see.  It would be reasonable to call your doctor and explain the situation as it is today.  I would be a good idea to have a second visit, a careful history and exam, and perhaps some stool tests, like culture or testing for Giardia, and perhaps some focused blood work.  If he still is having pain in the morning, to me this would be a good course of action.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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