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My 2 year old daughter woke this morning and was more tired than usual but seemed fine. She drank a 9oz cup of goat milk (she has a milk protein allergy and this is the only dairy she can handle) and 30minutes later still lethargic she vomits. No temperature but keeps moving her jaw like she is chewing. I gave her a cool bath and she vomited again. After 1.5 hours of off and on vomiting she ate saltine crackers and cherrios and drank 3 9oz cups of water with a little juice for flavor. She now seems fine and has stopped vomiting completely. What could have caused this? She still moves her jaw like it might be sore as well. Could this be ear ache from allergies or teething? Her diapers are wet and no dark urine but could it still be dehydration?

Hi, alyssa,

If she has wet diapers and pretty clear urine, she isn't dehydrated.  This is probably a viral illness, with vomiting and then the natural response of making up for lost fluids by drinking more.  I'm not sure what caused the jaw movements.  I doubt this is an ear infection.  The other possibility with the sudden vomiting and the return to normal pretty quickly would be a food poisoning, something that happens more often than we think.  

If she is fine and it never happens again, then chalk it up to "one of those things" that we often see in a peds practice.  If it recurs, then you need to see your doctor.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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