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Hello- I have a 11 week old who at 3-4 weeks started acting uncomfortable after eating. He did not not does not cry inconsolably let alone much but appears to squirm and curl his body as if gas bothers him. We burp 4-5 times during his feed and he does burp. But seems we don't get everything. If I put him down 1.5-2 hour after eating or he falls asleep on his own he is up 20-30 min later- squirming, fists often clenched, curling his body inward. I speculated its gas discomfort from digestion- same reaction to my milk and formula. Removed dairy for awhile no change. He is on standard milk formula. He eats well is growing well has normal poops and pees. I noticed that even if I put him down many times roughly 2-3 hr after eating squirming stops and he can sleep. I've been to my ped many times who has assessed him- she said it does not sound like colic but gas and he has to outgrow it. We tried zantac thinking maybe its reflux- no change. He sometimes spits up a little but doesn't bother him nor does he cry with it. At nights he'll sleep 6/7 hr stretches now once I ca get him down after his food appears digested. When awake even if he doesn't get good sleep he's minorly fussy- since he's tired else he's happy and alert. Thoughts?

Hi, Eva,

It would be reasonable to try a change to a non-milk formula, like a soy formula.  It would also reasonable to explore again the notion of reflux.  Zantac sometimes needs to have the dose pushed up to 5-10mg/kg/ day before it works.  Crying with eating almost always is reflux, sometimes silent, or a formula intolerance.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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