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Hello Dr. Olson,

We have a 5 year old son who passed out on us this Sunday. We were at the park, after his baseball game, and he sat in the merry-go-round with several other children. (It's a sit in type of merry-go-round) Well, one of the fathers was spinning them. By my observation, it did not seem very fast, bc I would have stopped it, and my son looked fine-smiling. I was talking with another mother as the ride was coming to a stop, and noticed the kids started to get out, except for my son. He was still sitting there-head to the side. I ran over bc I could tell he looked pale. I called his name and tried shook his shoulder-no response. I picked him up and ran where it was safe and laid him on the ground, and elevated his legs. He started coming around, and within a few seconds was having a full conversation with me, then wanted to get up to go and play again. I called his Doc and they said that if it happened again- a recurring event, then to bring him in. Well, I donít like to sit back and wait for things to possibly happen. I feel like he should maybe be worked up. You hear these stories of children passing out and dying bc an unknown congenital condition, that could have been picked up in the first place by screening.

I am concerned bc this has never happened before and it was quite scary.  His Medical History includes: Mild/Moderate Autism.

Could you help me in determining what the cause of him passing out was? What tests are appropriate for workup?

Thanks In Advance,

Hi, Pat,

Kids who pass out with any type of activity, in my mind, need to be seen by their doctors.  At least a good history of the event, a careful exam and probably an ECG needs to be done, at the minimum.  Was this a seizure?  Who knows, but he would be seen in my office.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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