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Hi Dr Olson. My son aged 11 years old was punished by having to do 50 push-ups simultaneously  during a training. He doesn't exercise regularly nor has he ever done more than 20 push-ups at one go. He managed to finish though with some difficulty and he could feel the strain of it. Immediately after he was told to carry out his shooting training. I feel this is a form of corporal punishment and it is too extensive for a child. What is your opinion?


Hi, Nita,

First of all, a child will not be physically hurt in any permanent way by this "punishment".  Punishment in and of itself is another issue that you need to address to the person who is "punishing" your kid.  Sounds a bit extreme to me, but I'm not too big on physical punishment and guns and shooting in general. Hard to see how pushups and shooting are related.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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