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Hello,my son is almost 7 years old ,132cm and 26 kg.One year ago he had a cold and I noticed one of the lymph nodes under his chin was a bit swollen(somewhere in the tonsils area,right side,looks like the right tonsil is a bit more to the corner of the right chin).After few weeks it became slight smaller.We took him to the doctor,we were told that we should come back if it does not dissapear within 2-3 weeks.It did not dissapear.We went back to the doctor,he performed a manual check up,and we were told that  as long as it does not become bigger we should not worry about it.And we were told that sometimes such lymph nodes can stay even for years at such age.The child has a normal body weight,did not loose weight,has plenty of energy.But I am concerned about it,and I would like to hear a second opinion because  is one year since I noticed it.One  cannot see it unless it touches it,I believe it is like 1,5 cm.Does it sound normal,or do you think that I should ask for some tests?I dont want to stress the child,but if it sounds like something serious then I would have to ask for more tests.Thank you in advance for your advice.

Hi, klaas,

First of all, my "second" opinion is without the advantage of having him here in my office.  This sounds very normal.  Most pediatricians are very good about separating out benign reactive nodes (this is what he has) from bad ones.  I would agree if it doesn't get bigger, not to worry, unless others sprout out or this one gets bigger and bigger.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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