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QUESTION: Hi Dr David,

Regarding the vaccination.
Baby born on -> July 11, 2013
First vaccine(OPV, BCG, Hep B1 i.e., Pentaxim) -> July 13, 2013
2nd Vaccine (DTP, HiB, HepB2,IPV) -> Aug 28, 2013.

After the we were due for the 3rd vaccine on Sep 28, 2013 For Rotraix, Prevnar and Pentaxim.

But, we have given only Rotrix on Sep 28, 2013 and missed the Pentaxin and Prevnar.

Now, our doc is telling not to give the missed ones immediately and we need to wait at-least 3-4 weeks as the Rotarix antibodies has already started in the body.

So, I am worried if the gap between the two Pentaxims will be too long that is one was given on Aug 28th and now we will be due for Oct 28th? Will this effect my baby immunity?

Cant we give the missed vaccine immediately within a week?

What should be the maximum gap between two pentaxim vaccine?

ANSWER: Hi, Tulasi,

There is really no maximum time for vaccinations.  One never has to start over due to delay in getting one.  The Rotraix can't be given after a certain age, but all the others can be given at any time, assuming a minimum spacing of, I think, 4 weeks.  Your doctor sounds correct and I would follow his/her advice.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks doctor for your response.
So, other than Rotarix do we have such any other vaccines that need to be given now?

Can we start these vaccines once my baby is one year? Because we feel that she is too young too have all these vaccines.
Now, we are due for Prevnar and Pentaxim.


Hi, Tulasi,

The fact that you feel she is "too young for all these vaccines" is your opinion, but not based on the recommendations of pediatricians.  We have a "catch-up" schedule that gives a bunch of vaccinations at once in a recommended fashion.  Discuss this with your pediatrician.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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