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Dear Doctor,

My son aged 1.5 yrs  11 KG  got Red bubble as shown in the attachment. Doctor has advised Eumosone M ointment to be applied for 3-4 times daily.can we go head.Right now he is suffering from Hyperactive Airways problem. Doctor has suggested Ascoril LS Syrup and Topcef Syrup. Please advice is the red type bubble is associated with the side effects of the medicine. now a days he is having itching problem all over the body due to low red rashes similar to that of appearance as shown in the attachment. Please advice.


Hi, Nanjappa,

These are meds that we seldom use in the USA in a child this small.  The steroid is potent and we would not use it 3-4x a day.  The oral bronchodilators, Ascoril, are virtually never used in children in the USA, and unless there is a clear-cut bacterial infection, the Topcef would not be used either.  I doubt the rash is due to the meds and has the appearance of insect bites or a reaction such as papular urticaria.  Medicine is practiced far differently in your part of the world.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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