I was recently advised that my 6 year old has kidney scarring on both her kidneys from previous UTI's. (DMSA scan in Canada)
Left function 34% and Right function 66%
I am told about a test to determine reflux VCUG.
What are the side effects/risks to such a test, on ovaries, etc.

Thank you.

There are 2 tests available - one where dye is put in the bladder via a catheter - this is quite invasive and involves quite a lot of X rays. The other involves an injection of some radioactive dye which is followed thru the kidneys. This is less invasive and involves less radiation and would be more appropriate at this age.
However if she is not having problems with recurrent infections I am not sure how identification of the presence of reflux is going to change management.
You need to speak to the doctor looking after your daughter.


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