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Pediatrics/6 year old daughter with swollen labias and discharge


My daughter is 6 and wears a pullup.  She was having yellowish green discharge in her pullup and vaginal area.  My daughter is speech impaired and unable to tell me what is going on with her. I took her to the E.R because of fever and vomiting and this vaginal discharge.  Both my daughters were sick and the doctor just gave my benedryl, ibuprofen, acetaminophen for what she stated is a Viral Syndrome.  In reference to my daughters discharge she said she was not concerned and that if it was a UTI it would clear up on its own.  Today is 4 days later and she has slight swelling on her minor labia near the clitoris and extremely red inside the vulva area with no discharge.  I used neosporin with pain relief that helped by taking away the pain and redness almost totally and it does not seem swollen either, but my daughter is twitching her bottom like it is something wrong in the vaginal area.  What could be going on. The only way to get a urine sample is to catheter her which I don't want her to have to endure. 2 weeks ago she did have an improper pullup change that left small amounts of feces in her vagina overnight and I just keep wondering if this caused the problem.

Hi, Jewell,

First of all, if a doctor thinks this is a UTI and will clear up on its own, that is pretty out there logic.  We would always treat a UTI.  Some may go away, but this isn't the way we see the world in pediatrics.  

If she can't give a urine specimen, then a catheter specimen is the only way to prove she has a UTI.  If you can't get a clean catch midstream sample, then you are stuck.  This could be a UTI.  If he symptoms don't get better, she needs a cath urine, in my judgement.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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