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My baby boy is 9.5 month old and he only started to add consonants to his voice play just three weeks ago. He is very vocal, but doesn't do the classical babbling of "mamama", "dadada", or "babababa". He strings only G sound, such as "Aga Aga Aga", "Ga Ga Ga", or "Uga Uga Uga". He also says B or M ocassionally, but typically doesn't reduplicate those. He started to imitate sounds just this week, but vowels only. Should I be concerened that something is wrong with his speech? Milestone checklist says that he should be saying Bababa, or mamama and back consonants like g should come later. All other milestones are fine, is learning to walk, cruising, sitting, and grasping with pincer grasp. Please help

Hi, Juls,

His speech is fine.  As long as you feel he hears well and often this is checked definitively at birth, at least in my state of Michigan, this is within the broad normal range of speech.  He is doing what he should be doing.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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