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How often should a 6 year old typically need to urinate?  My son usually goes approx. 10-15 times during the day (that's an estimate - haven't counted) and 5-10 times at night (we've been counting). Previous tests showed no significant issues (sometimes there is protein in his urine and he had hydronephrosis as a baby). The daytime part has gone on for 2.5 years but the nighttime part seems to be new.

Hi, B,

Bladder sizes, like anything in a human body, vary in size and functional ability.  The 5-10 times at night, presumably waking up from sleep and voiding, is decidedly abnormal.  I would discuss this further with your pediatrician.  There are bladder stretching exercises that can be helpful in expanding capacity, but first have a good exam, a urinalysis, and be sure there is not some bladder spasm going on.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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