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Good day to you. My baby is approx 1 year old (on 16NOV) and has weight of 7.75 Kg so far. We feels that she is under weight. She do like supplement like Meiji or Lactogen at all. She only get feed from her mother which isn't enough at all. We forcibly use to feed her Cerelac twice or thrice a day. She loves to drink water which does a lot. Since past 5 days she is having gas troubles specially after midnight.She is having flu and throat pain as well. Our family doctor prescribed her below medicine.

Cefspan (Cefixime) 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2
Actidil (Triprolidine) 1 + 1

but she didn't had a reasonable effect on her. Yesterday we went to pediatrician and he stopped the previous dose suggested below.

1- GIXER (Cetrizine Dihydrochloride)
2- CALIX (rich source of time tested calcium, phosphorus and lysine with Multi-vitamins)

Need your suggestion how to increase her appetite and reduce weakness.



ANSWER: Hi, Jahanzaib,

Does your pediatrician feel she is underweight?  Has she been growing consistently and steadily, albeit on a lower curve on the standard growth chart?  Are you guys small as parents?  These are issues that play a great role in how we evaluate size.

I would never forcibly feed anyone.  This can create problems we call feeding aversions.  

It sounds like she has some illness now that is causing the loss of appetite and the throat pain.  This may be viral or bacterial.  Most likely this is viral and the antibiotics may be of no benefit.

Good luck, Dr. olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thanks for your reply. First of all I have made one mistake in my question (typo-error). My baby do not like milk supplements like Meiji or Lactogen. She hates milk but she loves water. Her pediatrician normally feels that she is reasonable with the weight. I was 27 yrs 8 months (now 29 yrs+) of age when I got married and my wife was 21 yrs and 09 months (now 22 yrs+).

We have to feed her forcibly as she don't want it most of the times. 02 months ago she was checked by one of pediatric from SICK CHILDREN HOSPITAL - CANADA (Uncle of my friend on his surprised visit to Pakistan) and he said that baby is healthy and you should start feeding her with soft diets and we did it so. My baby loves water that much that she started to drink it with glass since she was of 02 months or less and still she drinks water with glass. She is very playful and talkative. She has just start to walk independently. Can walk 3-6 steps without support but with support she can walk longer distance of 3-5 meters.

2 days ago her aunt has noticed that she has some sort of sist on her left side of neck but its internal. She massaged her on that area and after few mins she ate her CERELAC with good mood. i don't know what it is. Since past two days she is vomiting once or twice a day. As we were observing some religious holidays of MON & TUE in our country, there was no doctor available, doctor advised us on phone to give her MOTILLIUM for vomiting. She was good with it for a whole day but at night before having a sleep, she was crying too much and ultimately vomited in a huge amount and she slept after 30 to 40 mins. The panic was probably because of undigested food who was troubling her. Would you please advise what to do for such sist (I dont know is it exactly a sist or not - I dont know the exact word to describe this). Need your kind advice on this please.



Hi, Jahanzaib,

I have no idea what the cyst is.  Without examining her and perhaps doing some studies, I just don't know.  You need to take her to her doctor and have them decide if the cyst is something that just can be watched, explain to you what they think it is, and if any further studies need to be done to further characterize it.  

Vomiting can be due to a lot of things, some serious and the vast majority not serious.  Most are due to transient viral illnesses.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but you are there and I am here and it is impossible to tell you anything definite without seeing her.  Your doctor should be able to do these things.

Dr. Olson


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