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QUESTION: My 98 day old baby keeps sucking her thumb always and not showing interest in breastfeeding. Am exclusively breastfeeding her. Her birth weight was 3 kg and now she weighs 5.2kg. She is otherwise active. I don't understand why she isn't drinking milk.  also she keeps making gruntling sound all through the day. She wants to suck thumb in one finger and want to keep a cloth in other hand. How do I make her to drink milk? Am really tired of forcing her. Worried about her health as well.

ANSWER: Hi, Swapna,

It sounds like she is gaining weight.  Is your doctor concerned regarding her health?  Are you currently producing enough milk?  I don't know what the grunting sound is. Please be sure your doctor is satisfied with her appetite, her growth and her development.  

I really need more information to help you and would be happy to give this is you tell me more.

Thanks, Dr. Olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Doctor said that on an average a baby should gain 0.75kg. But for the past 1 month she has gained only 200 grams. He also said that the baby looks normal and active. So the weight gain shouldn't be a problem for few babies. She tries to suck the finger always. If she couldn't reach for the finger she keeps making some frustrating sound. She was making that soind for whole night yesterday. How to make her drink milk. She drinks only when she is interested and that too for 3 to 5 minutes only. Not more than that.

One more thing. Her face looks brighter than her body. Her body is dull pinkish. Won't she be of the same colour throughout? What is the reason for this variation?

Hi, swapna,

I am not sure what is going on with your milk production.  Perhaps it is declining.  If you and your babies father are both tiny people, maybe this is the way she is genetically programmed to be.  

You may want to continue nursing her aggressively, increase your oral intake of fluids and if this doesn't help, then consider nursing and using either a supplement of saved breast milk or formula.  Your doctor can do a followup in a month or so to be sure this is working.

The face color is probably normal, assuming she is a healthy kid. Ask your doctor if he/she has any other explanation.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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