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Oliver is 18 months old, just had his 18 month check up with pediatrician, who says he's fine. Since he was about 9 months old he cries excessively, throws himself on floor and kicks and screams. He wakes up during the night doing same thing and also upon waking in the morning. His parents can not console him even though they've tried, rocking, snacks, comforting, car rides, etc.even ignoring him. He will eventually settle down, or wears himself out after being put into his car seat. He seems to like being buckled in car seat, whether car is moving or not. He stumbles a lot and falls down but that could be his age? Mom and Dad are at a loss as what to do. Can not take him to resturaunts or church, any place. He loves his 3 sisters, but he gets a little aggressive sometimes and too rough with them, but I don't think he's doing it on purpose. We all love this little guy, he can be so sweet and loveable and is able to play on his own at times. It just breaks my heart to see this loving family struggle with this. Mom and Dad both come from large families and have always been around lots of kids and have never seen anything like this. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your time, I greatly appreciate any direction you can give us.

Hi, Phyllis,

Often in a brief office visit, unless the parents are describing the behavior in a lot of detail, we will say "he's fine".  We say this in a medical sense.  Clearly both Mom and Dad, smart and wise as they are, need some concrete help in how best to deal with this.  Most places have parenting advice, visits with a behavioralist who can analyze the situation and make some good suggestions.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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