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QUESTION: My child is 4yrs old & has recvd all vaccinations on time as per schedule, so is up to date with his all immunizations. At his 4 yr old well check he was given a flu mist, MMR, varicella & Hep A vaccines. Now I realized later that it made for his 3rd dose of hep A. I'm confused nowhere on standard immunization charts does it say, 3rd dose of hep A needed.
Plz guide me if it is routine or not.Thanks in advance

ANSWER: Hi, kebhisha,

Sorry about the delayed reply.  We were in Chicago watching two of our kids run the marathon and didn't turn off my answers.

No one needs more than two Hep A vaccines.  Three won't hurt, but in general giving three is a mistake.  Again, it won't hurt.  It is tough for any peds office never to make a mistake with vaccines.  Giving one more will only enhance immunity and is not harmful.

Good luck, Dr. olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for taking the time to answer to my question,I've been worried sleepless for days .Now that I know it was mistake, I would bring it up at the next visit. I am a little disappointed & worried as to why/how they would even do that. Are there any side effects at all that might affect him.
I appreciate your insight & thanks for your time.

Hi, kebhisha,

Again, I can't think of any problem that this will cause.  It most likely will create greater immunity.  Mistakes do happen in all peds practices and personally if you feel the practice is generally good and takes good care of your family, I wouldn't make a big deal of it.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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