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Hello, My question is that my son got his 3 doses of IPV vaccination in USA till the age of 2 and then I moved back to Pakistan. Now its time for his last doses of vaccination as he turned 5 years old. I am concerned about IPV booster dose which is not available in Pakistan but they do have OPV. Pls. tell me if it would be ok to give him last booster dose of OPV vaccination while he took 3 doses of IPV. What would you recomend? Would it not be harmful to my son in any case? Pls. give me detail info on that I would be thankful to you.

Hi, anna,

This is an interesting question.  The whole reason we changed in the USA to IPV was that in the 2-6 month age group, 6-8 kids yearly in the USA, of the millions of doses given, developed polio from the OPV.  These were almost completely kids who had an as yet undiscovered immuno-deficiency.  Your child is healthy, I assume, and by this time any exceedingly rare problem like this would be clinically evident.  

I would complete the series with the OPV, that really is a more effective vaccine anyway, especially in a country where there may actually be risk of contracting the disease.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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