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Pediatrics/regarding seizures in 7.5 month baby


hi sir, my daughter is 7.5 months ol she was having seizure prob frm last 3,4 months bt diagnose in last week.. We are worried bcoz she is not holding her neck.. We went to ped. Neuro she told us to make MRI & EEG. MRI report is nrmal bt in EEG report it is mentioned Impression - Abnormal sleep EEG record suggestive of seziure disorder. what is it.? doctor advise us to give valparin 200 1ml aftr evry 8 hours is this medicine gud we are givhng this 4m last 3 days aftr how many days we can see the effect.. my baby's MRI is nrmal.. May i knw is seizurs are the reason 4 dis delay development as her MRI shows nrmal study means her brain's waves are fine.. Plz help.

Hi, preeti,

A bit is lost in my understanding of your question, but here is the way I see it.  An MRI tells us about structure of the brain.  It sounds like the MRI is fine and that is good.  The EEG tells us a bit about the electrical activity and a bit about how the brain is working.  Seizures can cause delay in development and happen often in the face of normal brain structure, ie. the normal MRI.  

Her brain waves, the EEG are suggestive of seizures and it sounds like treating her with the anti-convulsant med is a good idea.

Good luck, dr. Olson


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