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thanx sir 4 ur precious reply.. We are giving her valparin 200 syrup.. Plz tel me when wil we can see some improvement. Is these seizures are curable.? Aftr start of the medicine babie's development delay wil be normal in how many time.? Plz plz help me sir

Hi, preeti,

Most seizure meds take at least a week, from an oral start, to stop seizures.  Most seizures are controllable with meds.  Some are very difficult to control with numerous meds.  Every child is different.

It would be nice to think that the developmental delay will get better, but I really think this is unlikely.  Usually seizures are a part of an underlying delay in development.  Controlling the seizures will help with the problems caused by frequent seizures, but will usually not help the developmental delay.  

I am giving you general statements.  Discuss the specifics of your daughters case with the doctor who is prescribing the meds.

Good luck and I wish you and your daughter well.

Dr. Olson


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