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These days it has become a norm to give 3 injections at a time. There are some parents who doesn't want to give three pricks at a same time and they prefer spacing between three vaccines. Is it ok if one injection per week is given, completing at the third week? Say for example, 1st week diptheria, pertussis and tetanus injection, 2nd week inactivated polio vaccine and third week pneumococcal vaccine? Will there be any harmful effect if vaccines are give that way in stead of all three at a same time. Will there be any cross reaction of the 2nd injection with the first? Will the vaccine be effective and provide the child with enough protection that way?

P.S. I know that vaccine shouldn't be delayed. But in some cases there may be a possiblility that some parent misses out a vaccine because of fever or some unavoidable reasons or adamant and doesn't want to give more pricks at a time. Kindly explain.

Hi, Rajesh,

No harmful effects from this approach.  There are also no harmful effects with giving them all at one time. Our office, like many others, will not due novel approaches like this, due to the increased chance for confusion and inaccurate recording. We refer these kids to the health department in Michigan, which will do anything. There can be some problems with this approach with live vaccines, which we usually give together, but not with the ones you are mentioning.

Personally I think it is a bit cruel to subject kids to three separate visits, but others don't feel this way.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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