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My 6 month old son will not sleep. Normally he is very easy to put down and sleeps soundly through the entire night. the last 2 nights however he has been extremely needy; i walk out of his sight and he immediately starts crying, i try and put him down for a nap and he wakes every 5 minutes screaming and wailing, and he fights sleeping. He is constantly hungry (or eats for comfort) has a slight fever and again will not stop screaming. Ive tried everything, holding him, rocking him, putting him in a swing, letting him cry it out, feeding (in moderation), checking his diaper. Im completely lost on what else i can try. Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Hi, Katelynn,

If he has a fever, then he should see his doctor.  What you call a fever may be different than the pediatric definition, however.  Anything below 100.4 we don't call a fever.  

Try going back to the basics.  Make sure his last waking memory is of his crib, be sure he doesn't fall asleep in your arms.  Is he cutting teeth?  A trial of a dose of Tylenol sometimes is helpful.  

Just be sure he is healthy and it might be good to have a trip to the doctor to check him out, especially if he has a fever or seems sick to you.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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