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My 9 year old son has been sick for about 5 weeks. First week cold symptoms, second week cold and cough they gave him amoxicillin. Third week high fever, they did flu test came back negative. Fourth week, terrible cough can't take a breath in between. Doctor gave him inhaler and steroids. Fifth week, everything hurts shallow breathing extremely lethargic and cluster headaches. Doctor took lung xray. Results came back with perihilar markings but they don't suspect pneumonia. At a loss, 5 doctor visits and still not feeling well. Could he have viral pneumonia?

Hi, Pascale,

This could be a viral illness, or several that have come back to back.  We currently, in our city, are experiencing a whooping cough epidemic and this always should be kept in mind in a child with a prolonged cough, even unfortunately, in one who is fully vaccinated.  

I have no other great thoughts.  I suspect this really is several closely linked illnesses that appear to be one long one.  Your doctors seem to be doing the right things.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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