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QUESTION: My baby's birthweight is 3kg. She completed 5 months yesterday. Exclusively breastfeeding her. She is quite active. Always keeps making some kind of sound, crawls, uses her knees sometimes, actively identifies me. My family doctor who is a general physician said the baby is perfectly fine and we find it with the baby's eyes if she has problem. But her weight is only 6 kg now (Born on July 9th). Is this fine? I am not sure whether I am producing enough milk. Can I take galact powder (friend suggested me). or is this right time to introduce solids to her? Also she has heat boils here and there. What shall I do for that? Being a winter season she often gets cold. WHat can I do the bring the mucus out? Doctor prescribed Ventorlin and Piriton Syrup for her. I stopped those now. Always has running nose and cough (occssional cough). One more thing doctor. Her face is fairer compared to  her body. Why is it like that?

ANSWER: Hi Swapna,

Your baby's weight is fine. Keep monitoring weight on growth chart: That gives best, yet easiet way to assess growth.

Cough suppressants like Piriton are best avoided in young babies. It s better NOT to give any medicine rather than suppressing cough in these young ones. Moreover, Ventorlin and Piriton work in opposite directions: Ventorlin helps in opening airways, so that it is easier for the baby to cough: and Piriton suppresses cough. So, giving both together doesn't help either way!

My advice would be to preferably consult a pediatrician rather than a family physician, if available in your area.

How to judge adequacy of breastmilk? If the baby is passing urine at least 6-8 times a day, takes feed for 15-20 minutes, leaves breast on her own and then sleeps for 2-3 hours after most feeds: that means baby is getting enough feeds. Ultimate assessment is weight-gain of baby as per the growth chart.

How to increase breast milk? By not feeding anything else; by remaining calm (anger, pain, anxiety, etc. decreases breast milk), by taking good, balanced diet and lot of milk and milk products and lot of water (taking a glass of water before feeding helps in increasing output); Don't forget to take your calcium supplements daily with milk. Products like Galact can also be used.

No, solids should NOT be introduced before completing 6 months.

No issues with complexion: It is just because skin of face is thinner than rest of body.

Best wishes,
Dr. Puneet Kumar,
Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,
New Delhi, India

+91-9818356846, +91-11-45535647

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QUESTION: Sir, why it should not be given? I have stopped it now. The medicine does harm to the baby or it has side effects? I am worried for giving it.

Hi Swapna,

Cough, after all is a PROTECTIVE reflex. If there is some irritant in the throat/ chest, body tries to eliminate it by coughing out. Piriton is a cough suppressant. If you suppress cough in a 5 month old baby, who is otherwise also much more fragile than an older child/ adult to cough out the irritant: there is always a chance of harm. That DELAYS recovery. NOT giving any such medicine in MILD cough and cold is always better than giving cough suppressants. This is true for ALL age-groups: more so in younger ones.

Best wishes,
Dr. Puneet Kumar,
Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,
New Delhi, India

+91-9818356846, +91-11-45535647


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