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Hi. I just have some concerns about my daughter and plan to bring her to her doctor for more answers, but our insurance situation is complicated at the moment. She is 3.5 years old, and has been a pretty typical healthy kid, thus so far. No complications, surgeries,  or hospitalizations, allergies, etc. But recently (in the last 3 months) I have noticed that she gets very thirsty around bedtime, or in the middle of the night. This occurs mostly on days that she has had a lot of sugar in her diet. Neither my husband or I have diabetes in our family history. Our daughter was diagnosed with a speech delay, and she is on a wait list for therapy, but as far as the thirst/sugar issue, I am stumped as I have only found information that links to diabetes. She hasn't really had any other severe symptoms. Any ideas or insight you can offer me? Thank you.

Hi, Tiana,

She needs a urine test to rule out diabetes.  This could even be done yourself with test sticks that can be purchased at drug stores.  A quick urine check at a doctors should do it as well.  If that is normal, than really not much important stuff to worry about.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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