My 3 year old daughter has eczema and has had pretty much since she was born.  At 6 weeks old her pediatrician told us to stop using lotion or bathwash with fragrance so we switched to Aveeno baby wash and lotion and then bought some Aveeno baby eczema lotion as well.  She also has a prescription cream for when it gets bad, which lately has been a lot (weather, vacations with family who don't listen to us about the use of lotion, etc).  My question is that the eczema seems to be on her scalp now too.  I had eczema as a kid, still get some flare ups now and then but never on my scalp.  My kid has itched little sores on her head.  I tried putting lotion on it tonight and it looks better but her hair is all greasy now.  I also noticed what appears to be cradle cap in a few places on her scalp away from the itchy spots and pieces of dry skin were flaking off while I was combing her hair, granted I was focused on those areas.  What can we do to help the itching and get her scalp all cleared up?  My husband is adamantly opposed to topical creams with cortisone even for me, and since we also have a 1 year old who loves to climb on his sister, we don't really want something unsafe or too harsh.

Hi, Erin,

It is unusual to have eczema in the hair.  I would check to see with your doctor is this is something else, like a fungal infection or a bacterial infection.  

Remember the treatment of eczema is consistent hydration of the skin and barrier products to keep the moisture in the skin.  Daily or twice daily baths can help hydrate the skin and will not dry it out, as long as a coating of moisturizer is put on the skin immediately to keep the water in.  Flannel pajamas soaked in hot water, rinsed out, and put on the child before bed, covered with a dry flannel pajama, works very well to keep the skin hydrated and is not too uncomfortable.

Good luck, Dr. olson


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